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I am writing to tell you about a charity scam making millions off generous consumers during the holiday season in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. It is a very well organized scam. There is a for profit company incorporated as CFE (charity fundraising events). This company (NOT LEGALLY A CHARITY) is owned by BEN STEWART A HUGE KNOWN SCAM ARTIST. They convince local stores to let them set up a folding table for a day or two during the holiday season telling the store manager they will be selling toys for charity and that the proceeds will all be going to charity. Unaware Managers of small retailers agree to let www.charityfundraisingevents.com set up their banners and folding tables Selling toys for 2 days outside or inside their retail space thinking they are helping a good cause. What happens next is out right criminal and disgusting.

The tables www.chairtyfundraisingevents.com sets up inside & outside of co-operating retail outlets have 2 huge plastic bins One is Full to the brim with toys which says Purchase a toy and put it in our donation Bin(this bin has a few donated toy in it only). The stand also says (Small toys $20, Medium Toys $40, Large Toys $60) There is a sign saying all toys and proceeds will go to Underprivaledged Children.

Someone who comes out of the store will stop and donate $20 for a small toy and take it from the full bin and put it into the empty donation bin 3 feet away thinking they did something great for their community and the toy will be immediately donated. CFE then gives the representative at the table 60% comission on the sale of the toy keeps 39% for the company and donates roughly a dollar to charity. IT GETS WORSE. This is the disgusting part at the end of the day. The Manager running CFE events takes the exact same toys that were bought as donations by consumers and hand transferred to the donation bin during the day and re dumps them into the first box for new consumers to RE BUY/RE DONATE the next day, THIS IS PURE THEFT WITH PEOPLE DONATING NEVER BEING AWARE!

In a months time A CFE STAND can RE Sell and RIP OFF consumers donations 8-10 times on the same toy without ever donating the toy till the very end. They basically Re Sell or have different generous people RE BUYING the same toy 10 times as it goes from one bin to the other every day as this fake charity keeps the money (Milions) and donates a few thousand to make things look legit.

Let’s do the math If the stand re sells the toy 10 times and the toy is a small toy which costs$20 then 10x $20=$200. They make $200 off a toy in a month and it cost them $1 to buy from a sweat shop in ASIA because they buy 25,000 toys at a time in bulk. They make $5 million in sales (25,000 toys profiting $200 each because they re-sell them (25,000x$200=$5,000,000). In the end they are donating $20,000 to charities and the toys which cost $25,000 this is a horrible JOKE. Keep in mind they sell the bigger toys for up to $60 so there revenue could be (25,000 toys x$600= $15,000,000). They then show videos of how they donated $1000 to 30 different charities and they make a big difference it’s disgusting. They make a spectacle of it acting like there good people asking for testimonial videos etc. REAL CHARITIES DON’T NEED TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS.

Heads up (salvation army no longer accepts their donations when they found out what was happening from one of the disgusted workers who valued ethics and morals over money and quit. The workers at the stand make $400-600 each a day and obviously have no problem with this because at the end of the month they get to donate there locations 1500 toys which is nothing compared to the million they stole from people. The 1 random charity per location

receives their $1000 cheque and is happy having no clue what’s really going on. A $1000 cheque is given but $200,000 was donated by concerned citizens all they do is smile and take the cheque . CFE chooses high volume retail outlets like grocery stores because people always have cash 90% of the time and nothing is documented. If you check their websites FAQ page you will see that CFE will not issue charity receipts for the people that donate, this is because they don’t want the millions coming in to be documented in any way shape or form……..Please pass this along so more generous people don’t have their money stolen by heartless greedy individuals like Ben Stewart. PS The only person or organization getting a TAX WRITE OFF IS CANADIAN PROPERTY STARS who then donates the 1-2% of CFE's sales and asks the charities they give money to for a Charity receipt they can use to save on their own corporate taxes......The people getting these tax receipts are the generous consumers being dupped by the greedy scam artist Ben Stewart.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $150000.

I didn't like: I did not like, Not genuine, Fake.

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Ben Stewart has an entire room of people dedicated to solely defending him on the countless websites that document his slimery. I know, I used to be in that room.


My names A.Y Daly I personally worked with all the scam artist at Canadian Property Stars for many many years beginning when I was fairly young and naive. They tried to bring me into there new venture "The toy drive Business" Mark my words this is a mult million dollar scam business and not a charity.

The above article is very on point and factual. You sell 25,000 toys across 10 different locations and you re sell those toys 10 times each your really selling 250,000 toys @ $20 $40 $60 each depending on the size for math sake 250,000 toys times $40 Canadian property stars is stealing up to 10,000,000 from the community funneling 15-25% comission into workers hands and donating peanuts as you can see on their charity website http://www.charityfundraisingevents.com/testimonials.php The donations they make range from $1000-$2000 each its a complete joke on 10 million income.............that $1000 donation salvation army the big boys club etc is just a business expense for canadian property stars so that they can use a legitimate charity's name to gain some trust with consumers...then scam them The salvation army and habitat for humanity have both issued orders to Canadian Property Stars to cease using their logos and trade marks.

both chairties have cut all ties with charity fundraising events and I think there is even a on going legal battle.

Either way I left the company and have moved on with much higher morals as I am now much older and more wise. Stay away from this company.


I saw this scam in Calgary I asked them If they were giving donation receipts and if I could then give the toy myself to a kid I know that needs it. The worker said no they would take my money but they keep all toys ( which obviously means they re sell them again and again) Disgusting scam that preys on the less fortunate. Ben stewart should be jailed.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #923629

There is souch miss information in this post. I am not sure where you are getting your information, but ranting with half truths, and all out lies on the internet about a service that was designed to help people in need is sickening. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #911006

I have been supporting Canadian Property Stars Christmas charity fundraiser for many years. I am very pleased with the outcome of this toy drive and take pleasure of buying and donating the toys to children in need.

I am sure the person who wrote the above article has not taken the time to do correct research to back up all the above statements he has claimed.

As a paying customer of Canadian Property Start Christmas charity fund I will continue to purchase and donate toys in the future.

Thank you Canadian Property stars for all your efforts and making Christmas more special for those in need.

P.S. I am NOT an employee of Property Stars, I am a PAYING customer.

to BB Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #926875

sounds like you are an employee.

any customer reading this for real would be outraged


The 2012 modifications to the Canadian Copyright Act grant broad rights to the creator of a photograph, if this photograph is not taken down there will be further legal steps that will be taken to ensure that it will be.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #905172

I worked with CFE, and this article is filled with lies. Toys are not re sold and re donated.

At the end of each day all the donated toys are pilled in a specific area of the companies warehouse, and new toys that still have not been donated are sold the next day. The workers do receive a commission only pay but it most definitely is not 60%, it used to 15% and is now 14%.

Every few weeks the toys that have been donated are taken to the designated women's shelters, or Christmas bureau, and the money is taken to the charities at the end of the fundraising season. CFE is an honest fundraising company, and its employees are not out to scam people.

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada #895209

This is sick!! Please donate your money to a legit charity, church or hand it to someone in need... People making millions off people in need and kids is beyond disgusting

to Adri #933348

You included donating to a church would be better.......I dare you to do your research and see where all that money goes. The church pays NO property taxes, yet makes an insane amount of cash off their faithful.

Don't discount this until you've done the research. And make sure not to only read from biased sources.

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada #895001

Could the person who wrote this please contact lseewalt@cochrane.greatwest.ca?


This is the dumbest article I've ever read. Fake math. Fake article.

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